Compact Flash Devices

The generator as well as the flash head are integrated in one device. According to the motto "plug and flash" work can begin immediately. Main applications: studio photography. For outdoor photography you need a mobile power source.

You can download a summary of the flash durations of all current compact flash units here. (PDF, 160 KB)

State-of-the-art compact flashes, perfect for people, editorial and advanced portrait photography.
Why do some things work better than others? Why is it that you don't need a user manual to find out how exactly everything works? And why do your fingers find the right switch without hesitation, even in total darkness? In our case, the answer is easy: it is the result of over three decades of compact flash design, the R&D efforts of an experienced team of engineers and our openness to the needs of our customers.
We have never had so much technology at such a low price. Excellent technical data and top performance electronics at typical Hensel level.
The worldwide fastest compact flash! A compact flash unit with a flash duration of ca. 1/66.660 s, and up to 31 flashes per second.