Speed Max
The worldwide fastest compact flash! A compact flash unit with a flash duration of ca. 1/66.660 s, and up to 31 flashes per second.
  • (article number: 3050)
    - Up to 31 flashes per second
    - Flash durations up to 1/66,600 s
    - Maximum capacity, comprehensive functionalities and special features
    - Integrated radio remote receivers: Strobe Wizard Plus and freemask
    - Adjustable power regulation in 1/10 f-stops or via flash sequence
    - Capacity regulated power control and electronic flash shut-off
    - Adjustable 8 f-stop power range
    - Maximum capacity, ideal for uninterrupted operation
    - Off-grid operation in combination with Power Max L (optional accessory)

    Learn more about Speed Max (PDF, 530 KB)